Naruto Spin-Off: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals

"Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals" is a spin-off show from the anime and manga series Naruto. It aired on the Japanese channel TV Tokyo on April 3rd, 2012. The anime is based off the original spin-off manga by Kenji Taira, who is one of Masashi Kishimoto's assistants for the Naruto manga. have also picked up the show for online syndication.

The main character of the show is Rock Lee, a member of the ninja squad "Team Guy". Rock Lee loves to prank his friends and have fun, but he was never any good at Ninjutsu like the other ninja in his class. However, this never stopped him from becoming a ninja and he focused on training in the unique style of Taijustu. Rock Lee has a no-quit attitude and will do everything it takes to achieve his ninja goals.

The anime isn't really supposed to be taken serious like Naruto Shippuden, and focuses on a more comical view of the ninja world. The art style is also different from the original show, with the head of the anime characters being much larger than their bodies.

Episodes that have aired so far:

Episode 1:
“Rock Lee is a Ninja who can't use Ninjutsu”
"Rock Lee's Rival is Naruto"

Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth Full Power Ninja

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