Naruto & Naruto Shippuden Fillers

Naruto filler episodes are not part of the original storyline which featured in the manga series. The main purpose of fillers is to maintain a healthy gap between the anime and manga, this allows the manga artist more time to create storylines before they are adapted into the anime series.

Many fans dislike filler episodes, as most are often considered boring and pointless. Not all fillers are bad though, some of them can be quite entertaining. The manga can sometimes be limited in the amount it can show during the main storyline, fillers can help give you an insight into different characters individual experiences during that time. However, you won't miss anything from the main storyline by skipping them.

Below you will find out which episodes of the Naruto & Naruto Shippuden series are fillers.

Naruto - Filler Episodes (1-220)
Episode: 026
Episode: 097
Episode: 101-106
Episode: 137-140
Episode: 143-219

89 filler episodes of 220 total episodes.

40% of the Naruto anime are filler episodes.

Naruto Shippuden - Filler Episodes
Episode: 057-070
Episode: 091-112
Episode: 144-151
Episode: 170-171
Episode: 176-196
Episode: 223-242
Episode: 257-260
Episode: 271
Episode: 279-281
Episode: 284-295
Episode: 303-320
Episode: 327
Episode: 349-361
Episode: 376-377
Episode: 388-390
Episode: 394-413
Episode: 416-417
Episode: 419
Episode: 422-423
Episode: 427-457
Episode: 460-462
Episode: 464-468
Episode: 480-483

210 filler episodes of 500 total episodes.

42% of the Naruto Shippuden anime are filler episodes.