Byakugan (White Eye) – Advanced Bloodline of the Hyuuga Clan

Byakugan is a special eye trait limited to Hyuuga Clan members. When this Bloodline Limit is used a strain is forced around the eye below the temple towards the ears. There’s a noticeable difference on the user’s face: blood vessels appear to be pulsating through the skin. The user of this Bloodline Limit is capable of turning it on or off at will (after originally performing the hand seals). It appears as though its use has no negative physical effect on the user, but it is not known what kind of effect is placed on the eye after being used for a prolonged period of time.

When the user activates Byakugan, the user gains exceptional vision. This new vision allows the user to view an opponent’s Chakra circulatory system. The user also has a field of vision, which is almost 360 degrees, minimizing the blind spot. In addition to this, the user’s range of vision can increase over a very long distance. The strength of this vision may depend on the ability of the user. The increase in the range of vision complements the new field of vision. This allows the user to detect, without effort, any action within a 15m radius (the small blind spot is counted as an exception). The Byakugan user boasts an advantage in the field of close combat due to the vision and sense of nearby surroundings he/she has.

After activating Byakugan, the user can perform Jyuuken (Gentle Fist). The level of Jyuuken performed depends on the ability of the user and the strength of the user’s Byakugan. A skilled Byakugan user may use Jyuuken to seek an opponent’s Chakra holes (Tenketsu) and attack the Chakra circulatory system directly by making it the target of a Jyuuken attack. A highly skilled Byakugan user is capable of damaging all of the opponent’s Chakra holes and potentially shutting down the opponent’s Chakra circulatory system.

Byakugan, Hyuuga’s Bloodline Limit is extremely important to the Hyuuga clan. It is so essential, it is the reason why the Hyuuga clan is divided into two bodies: The Head family and the Branch family.

Byakugan is a Bloodline Limit that exists in all Hyuuga members and the reason of the two separate bodies is to reduce the risk of exposing the secrets of the Bloodline Limit. The Branch family is subordinate to the Head family. The difference between the two bodies is the Cursed Seal possessed by all Branch family members. The Branch family exists to protect the Head family and the Bloodline Limit. This duty is forced upon the Branch family through the Cursed Seal, which appears as a cross/swastika (Anime/Manga, respectively) on the forehead of the family member. A special technique can be used against the carriers of the Cursed Seal. Members of the Head family that know how to perform the technique can attack the brain cells of a Branch family member with a high risk of death.

The Cursed Seal has a second property that activates at the moment of the death of a Branch family member. When a Branch family member dies his/her Bloodline Limit is sealed. If the member were to die in combat, the secrets of the Hyuuga Bloodline Limit cannot be discovered through means of inspection of that particular member. The Branch family is the shield of the Head family and also, the Byakugan.

The Extension of the Bloodline Limit
A number of techniques have been created to complement and utilize the ability of Byakugan.

Hakke Rokujuuyon Shou – Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms

This particular technique utilizes the Byakugan user’s ability to view an opponent’s Chakra holes. If a user’s opponent is within close range (a 5m radius of the user) he/she can be a victim of this technique. The user of this technique combines Byakugan and Jyuuken to strike the 64 Chakra holes of an opponent halting their Chakra circulatory system. An opponent without an active Chakra circulatory system is practically unable to perform Genjutsu, Ninjutsu or Taijutsu.
The number of strikes in this technique is cumulative (increases by successive addition). The user strikes twice the first time (2 hits), twice again (4 hits). Then the user strikes 4 times (8 hits), 8 times (16 hits), 16 times (32 hits), and finally 32 times (64 hits).

Hakke Hyaku Nijuha Shou – Eight Trigrams One Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms

This particular technique is a variation of the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms. Employing this technique against an opponent can allow the user to strike an opponent’s 64 Chakra holes twice. The user strikes a final 64 times after the initial 64 strikes.

Hakkeshou Kaiten – Eight Trigrams Palms Heavenly Spin

This particular technique was created for defensive purposes. The technique’s purpose is to compensate for the weakness of Byakugan, the blind spot. The user spins releasing Chakra from his/her Chakra points creating an impenetrable hemisphere, which nullifies physical attacks. This defensive maneuver is capable of tossing an opponent’s through the air and can bless the user with time to prepare for an offensive maneuver.